July 29

My grandfather was an incredible person. We will miss him very much.

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primary goals:

  • figure out how to not waste the food I have in my house (stay up all night stress eating?)
  • not have any feelings until I see family tomorrow afternoon

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  • waiting
  • workplace bereavement policies
  • geography/distance
  • Jewish burial customs
  • waiting
  • trying to concentrate on work in the meantime
  • waiting

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I’m back at the office because there hasn’t been any change in my grandfather’s condition but not really getting anything done so that’s fun.

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July 28

I need to know someone with a cuddly dog. Could really use some dog cuddles right now.

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Jesus fucking Christ when I tell you that I have to leave the office for personal/family reasons please trust that I’m not making shit up and don’t remind me how badly you need me to do this thing for you.

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 things are not good.


“A society manufactures the heroes it requires.”
― Colson Whitehead,
Zone One

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mostly just reblogging because Blake’s hair is aspirational

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July 27

Anonymous said: What do you think about women against feminism?


Women AgaInst Feminism? Never heard of it.

And frankly, it sounds made up. Why on earth would women be against feminism?

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July 26

less and less confident that I’ll be able to sell any of my books or clothes for extra cash but I guess I should try anyway huh

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