October 19










Comfy Skull

Alexander McQueen Skull Knit Jumper

Holy fuuuuuck. I need this pattern immediately. I hope someone has already reverse engineered it. *runs to Ravelry*

omg wyomingnot why don’t you knit sweaters? *cries*

I don’t usually knit sweaters because most sweaters are mind-bendingly dull. This one would be just plain mind-bending. And sure, you could commission that. But I wouldn’t do trade, I’d want *cash* for tackling that beast. You don’t want to know how much.


If I could stand to knit an entire sweater, I would totally make this. But after a week, if I’m not almost done with something, I tend to set it aside then rip it out a year later.

Oh. My. God. 

I want to make this!

meganwest found the charts for this! It’s a Halloween miracle!


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 now I just need to find someone who will make this for me for free  haha

October 18

is there a Criterion Collection of Go yet?

also remember when “oral histories” were just commentary tracks on dvds?

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 best movie

perfect dirty hot

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 bangable sleazeball




@thisamericanliz: Spotted in a bathroom at the Wiltern….#sleaterkinney?!?!

What road is at interstate 5 exit 108 in Olympia I wonder….


2015 is going to be a good year, calling it now

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Finally got to go into The Next Page and met Catticus Finch, the bookstore cat. #blessed (at The Next Page Friend of Free L)

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also we stopped in 7-11 on the way home (I got a croissant sandwich for when I wake up hungover and cranky tomorrow) and “0 to 100” was on and I started having Drake Feelings

I also woke up hungover and having Drake Feelings.

I think I tried to argue with the poor guy who works at 7-11 that Drake’s guest verses were better than most of his songs and the guy was like “yeah I don’t know, I don’t really listen to him” and i just kept insisting on it.

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also we stopped in 7-11 on the way home (I got a croissant sandwich for when I wake up hungover and cranky tomorrow) and “0 to 100” was on and I started having Drake Feelings

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Misty Upham, who was nominated for an Indie Spirit Award in 2009 for her role in the feature film Frozen River, was found dead in the woods in Auburn, WA, today after going missing earlier this month. She was 32. Filmmaker friend Tracy Rector, speaking on behalf of the family, confirmed that the Native American actress was found by a search party led by uncle Robert Upham. She was later identified by family members. “The main thing her family wants people to know is that the Auburn Police Department would not cooperate in looking for Misty,” Rector told Deadline. “There’s a long history of police harassment and friction between the police and the Muckleshoot community here, and her family feels they dropped the ball and Misty perhaps would have been found if the police had taken it seriously.”

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whoops I stayed out later and got drunker than I meant to and now I will probably be hungover at a funeral tomorrow morning

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October 17

inanely replied to your video:whenever I get a complicated Excel formula to work…

i feel like sometimes i’m my own donna to my josh, does that make sense

100%, and is probably better tbh

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